Welcome to Ubuntu Video | Linux Videos for Human Beings
Welcome to Ubuntu Video | Linux Videos for Human Beings

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Ubuntu Video wants your video! Share your beautiful desktops, demos, tutorials, and the Ubuntu way with the world.

Getting Started
Record your video. It can be a screencast, an interview with an Ubuntu user in your area, tips for new users, your personal story - anything Ubuntu related. Let the world know why you use Ubuntu. Let them see just how easy the switch can be.

Join Us - Share
There's a YouTube Group just waiting for your videos. Join us, share your video, and it may be showcased here at Ubuntu Video. We'll also pull videos from other sources, such as Google, but if you post it you'll have to let us know.

Tech Tips
The YouTube Help Center is an excellent resource for Internet video creators. Programs like xvidcap and Istanbul may also be helpful for those of you trying to capture Ubuntu desktop action. If you need technical assistance you'll also find active community discussions about both xvidcap and istanbul on the Ubuntu Forums. There's also a nice tutorial at J-K9 Linux (Tip: XavierP).

Create screencasts with xvidcap

Video Tutorials
Video Capture in Linux Using xvidcap: Part 1 | Part 2