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Welcome to Ubuntu Video | Linux Videos for Human Beings

Centro Guadalinfo El Saucejo

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Guadalinfo centers are powered by the Ubuntu-based Guadalinex distro. They target Andalusian municipalities of less than 10,000 inhabitants who may not otherwise have Internet access.

Guadalinex Commercial

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Guadalinex is an Ubuntu-based distribution developed by the government of Andalusia in Spain. There are versions specifically developed for use by schools, libraries, the elderly, and information centers that give people in rural areas free access to the Internet.

There are outtakes featuring a difficult penguin as well.

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Ubuntu Developer Summit in Sevilla, Spain

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From Sunday to Friday this week, the UDS Sevilla (Ubuntu Developer Summit) is taking place in southern Spain. Organised with the help of all the team behind Guadalinex and the regional govermnent, the summit brings together many X/K/Ubuntu developers to outline what the next release of Ubuntu will contain.

Under the disguise of testing out video-editing in Ubuntu, a 3 minute has been shot to give people an idea of the event. For those who have never been, Ubuntu Developer Summits are a bit of a black box, an unknown entity. The music for the video is some free/libre music from Ubuntu community leader Jono Bacon; a recording of his song "Voices of Freedom".