Welcome to Ubuntu Video | Linux Videos for Human Beings
Welcome to Ubuntu Video | Linux Videos for Human Beings

About Ubuntu Video

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Ubuntu Video is a service provided by Ubuntu member John Little. It is not hosted or managed by Canonical Ltd.

Disclaimers aside, Ubuntu Video is a video portal that takes the best Ubuntu-related videos on the Internet, from places like YouTube and Google Video, and centralizes them in one convenient spot. There are many goals - demystifying Linux, providing support to Ubuntu users, crushing Linux myths, even educating people about free and open source software.

But I also hope to get many more of you to create and share your videos. You've probably shown friends and coworkers the cool things your Ubuntu PC can do. With video you can reach thousands more. You can share your Ubuntu experience with the world.

Thanks to the members of the Ubuntu Marketing Team for the warm welcome and assistance in making Ubuntu Video an even better resource. Rich Johnson, Corey Burger, and Poningru have been especially helpfull. Thanks also to Robin "Roblimo" Miller for the feedback and permission to add his excellent Linux.com videos to the site.